Fast cracks in gas pipelines - joint pr. with CRISM Prometey and GAZPROM

The experimental investigation, as well as computational and analytical research of the mechanical properties of the rolled steel was conducted within the joint project with CRISM Prometey and GAZPROM Company. The use of this type of steel was suggested in the gas pipeline Nord Stream. Its strength and fracture resistance were studied in consideration of impact-wave loading.

Also, computational modeling of the activation, growth, and stopping of the arterial crack at the pipeline was performed. Meanwhile, a similar study is being conducted focusing on the problems that concern naval constructions strength and safety issues. Specialists of RCD research crack growth resistance and strength of pipeline steels under dynamical loading. The research is conducted both analytically and by means of experiment. Moreover, crack growth in pipelines is numerically simulated. More detals concerning structural-temporal approach to predict the behavior of large trunk structures can be found here -  PDF.