Real time measurements of ductile and brittle fracture processes

Fast crack propagation in transparent materials

Crack propagation under quasi-static tensile of PMMA plates with notch
(X axis - time, Y axis - crack length)
Crack propagation in PMMA plates with a notch under localized pulsed action on the notch faces
(X axis - time, Y axis - crack length)

We consider various problems of crack propagation in specimens of organic glass under quasi-static and dynamic loads. The method of crack registration allows to obtain the quasi-continuous time sweep of the crack trajectory in the range of 200 ns - 0.5 ms.

Behavior of particle-filled polymer composite under static and dynamic loading

Specimen pictures taken before ‘‘0’’ and after quasi-static tension tests: 1, 2, 3, 4. (‘‘0’’ corresponds specimen in initial state and ‘‘1, 2, 3, 4’’ are for specimens after different testing regime)Microstructure characteristic for the neck of the specimen after tensile test. (Arrow shows direction of tensile deformation, 1 – meso-cavity.)