Arseny V. Kashtanov, Associate Professor

Deputy head of the Research Office, Associate professor (St. Petersburg State University)
Academic degree

PhD in Physics and Mathematics

St. Petersburg State University, Mathematics and Mechanics,  2000 

Researh interests
Theory of elasticity, mathematical physics, thermodynamics, phase transformations, dynamic fracture, kinetic models for fracture mechanics, energy aspects of fracture phenomenom, fractal models in mechanics
Selected publications 
    • A. Kashtanov and Yu. Petrov. Fractal models in fracture mechanics// International Journal of Fracture. 2004. Vol.128, Issue 1, P.271-276.
    • A. V. Kashtanov and Yu. V. Petrov. Energy Approach to Determination of the Instantaneous Damage Level// Technical Physics Vol. 51, No. 5, 2006 pp.604-608.
    • A. V. Kashtanov, Yu. V. Petrov. Kinetic Description of Incubation Processes under Dynamic Fracture// Doklady Physics, 2007, Vol. 52, No. 5, pp.270–273.
    • A.Kashtanov, Y.Petrov. Structural-kinetic approach in dynamics of continuum: fracture, spalling, cavitation, electrical breakdown// Proc. Of the XXII Int. congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics XXII ICTAM, 25-29 August 2008, Adelaide, Australia.
    • A.V. Kashtanov, Y.V.Petrov, N.Pugno, A.Carpinteri. Dynamic Fracture as a Process of Nonlinear Wave Propagation// International Journal of Fracture, 2008. Vol.150, pp.227-240.