Darya K. Magomedova, Senior research

Position research associate

Academic Degree

PhD in Physics and Mathematics

EducationSt. Petersburg State University, 2012

Research InterestsNano materials, Fracture, Metals, Static Fracture, Al alloys
magmedva.dasha@mail.ru, d.magomedova@spbu.ru
Selected Publications 
  1. Bazlov, A. I., Strochka, I. V., Ubyvovk, E. V., Parkhomenko, M. S., Magomedova, D. K. & Khanaeva, E. N. Structure and Properties of Amorphous Quasi-High-Entropy Fe-Co-Ni-Cr-(Mo,V)-B Alloys with Various Boron Content 15, 2023, в: Metals. 13, 8, 1464.
  2. Magomedova, D. K. Influence of Al 6101 alloy structure on pore formation in static tension as a structural change during deformation. 2022, Materials. Technologies. Design. 4, 1(7), P. 24-29
  3. Magomedova, D. K., Churakova, A. A. & Gunderov, D. V., Investigation of mechanical properties and fracture surface of cylindrical samples Al-6101 under static tension 2022, Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2231, 012018.
  4. Murashkin, M. Y., Sadykov, D. I., Mavlyutov, A. M., Magomedova, D. K., Kazykhanov, V. U. Strength, thermal resistance and electrical conductivity of aluminum-based composite wire. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2022 2231, 1, 012005.
  5. Gunderov, D. V., Gunderova, S. D., Magomedova, D. K.True fracture stress of UFG samples of Al 6101 alloy, 2022, Письма о материалах. 4(48), P. 424-427
  6. Magomedova, D. K. Influence of geometry and grain size on the mechanical properties of Al 6101 under static loading of cylindrical samples 2021,Materials. Technologies. Design. P. 20-24
  7. Magomedova, D. K., Gunderov, D. V., Efimov, M. A. Mechanical behavior of coarse- and fine-grained Al-6101 samples of different geometry under tension. 2019, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 672, 1, 012037.
  8. Magomedova, D. K., Murashkin, M. Yu.,  Efimov, M. A. Technique development for conducting mechanical tests to study the pore formation process in case of material fracture 2018, AIP Conference Proceedings. 1959
  9. Polyakova V. V., Semenova I. P., Polyakov A. V., Magomedova D. K., Huang Y., Langdon T. G. Influence of grain boundary misorientations on the mechanical behavior of a near-α Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy processed by ECAP 1 мар 2017, Materials Letters. 190, P. 256-259