Natalia V. Mikhailova, Senior research

PositionSenior research

Academic Degree

PhD in Physics and Mathematics

EducationSt. Petersburg State University, 2017

Research Interests
Selected Publications 
  1. Smirnov, I. V, Mikhailova, N. V, Yakupov, B.A., Volkov, G.A., 2022. Analysis of dependences of threshold parameters for acoustic cavitation onset in a liquid on an ultrasonic frequency, hydrostatic pressure, and temperature. Tech. Phys.
  2. Mikhailova, N., Smirnov, I., Yakupov, B., 2022. Experimental study of the acoustic cavitation threshold in sunflower oil depending on different impact regime. Acoustics 4, 894–902.
  3. Mikhailova, N.V., Smirnov, I.V., Balandin, V.V., Balandin, V.V., Bragov, A.M., Petrov, Y.V., 2022. The spall failure delay: Experimental observation and theoretical analysis. Int. J. Impact Eng. 164, 104194.
  4. Mikhailova, N., Smirnov, I., 2021. Analytical modelling of the influence of temperature and capillary diameter on the sonocapillary effect for liquids with different density. IOP Conf. Ser. Mater. Sci. Eng. 1129, 012039.
  5. Mikhailova, N. V., Petrov, Y. V., 2021. Effect of Impact Time Parameters on the Dynamic Strength in Spall Fracture. Phys. Mesomech. 24, 9–13.
  6. Smirnov, I., Mikhailova, N., 2021. An analysis of acoustic cavitation thresholds of water based on the incubation time criterion approach. Fluids 6, 134.
  7. Mikhailova, N.V., Petrov, Y. V, 2020. Calculation of fracture location in multiple spalling. Procedia Struct. Integr. 28, 2026–2031.
  8. Volkov, G.A., Bratov, V.A., Borodin, E.N., Evstifeev, A.D., Mikhailova, N. V, 2020. Numerical simulations of impact Taylor tests. J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 1556, 012059.
  9. Mikhailova, N., Smirnov, I., Volkov, G., 2019. Modelling of pressure-temperature conditions for cavitation initiation in different liquids. Vibroengineering PROCEDIA 27, 121–125.
  10. Mikhailova, N., Onawumi, P.Y., Volkov, G., Smirnov, I., Broseghini, M., Roy, A., Petrov, Y., Silberschmidt, V. V, 2019. Ultrasonically assisted drilling in marble. J. Sound Vib. 460, 114880.
  11. Mikhailova, N.V., Volkov, G.A., Petrov, Y.V., Smirnov, I.V., Onawumi, P., Roy, A., Silberschmidt, V., 2018. Relations between Parameters of Fracture Processes on Different Scale Levels. Dokl. Phys. 63, 459–461.