Anastasia A. Chevrychkina, research associate

Positionresearch associate

Academic Degree

PhD in Physics and Mathematics

EducationSt. Petersburg State University, 2016

Research InterestsDynamic fracture, Metals, Polymers, Hydrogen Embrittlement, Crystallization, Surface waves
Selected Publications 
  1. Belyaev, A.K., Chevrychkina, A.A., Polyanskiy, V.A. and Yakovlev, Y.A.,2022. Necessity of 3D modeling for simulation of impact of skin effect of hydrogen charging on the binding energy of traps determined from the thermal desorption spectra. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, pp.1-15. DOI: 10.1007/s00161-022-01130-7
  2. Chevrychkina, A. and Korzhenevskii, A., 2022. Analytical study of self-oscillatory pattern-forming crystal growth in two-parabola model. // The European Physical Journal Special Topics, pp.1-6.
  3. Chevrychkina, A.A., Polyanskiy, V.A. and Varshavchik, E.A., 2021. Thermal Desorption Spectra of Samples Charged by Hydrogen in Electrolyte. Advances in Hydrogen Embrittlement Study, pp.45-57.
  4. Polyanskiy, V.A., Belyaev, A.K., Chevrychkina, A.A., Varshavchik, E.A. and Yakovlev, Y., 2021. Impact of skin effect of hydrogen charging on the Choo-Lee plot for cylindrical samples. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46(9), pp.6979-6991.
  5. A. A. Chevrychkina and A. L. Korzhenevskii, 2021, Effect of the Processes of Microsegregation on the Formation of Periodic Doping Superstructures in Binary Alloys. Physics of the Solid State, 2021, Vol. 63, No. 10, pp. 1805–1811
  6. D. A. Prikazchikov, A. A. Chevrychkina, A. Chorozoglou, L. Khajiyeva, 2021, Elastic Surface Waves Induced by Internal Sources, Journal of Mathematical Sciences volume 258, pages 545–552 (2021).
  7. Chevrychkina, A.A., Bessonov, N.M., Korzhenevskii, A.L. and Alexandrov, D.V., 2020. Transient dynamics of solute bands in dilute binary alloys. The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 229(2-3), pp.253-263. DOI: 10.1134/S1063783420080077
  8. Chevrychkina, A.A., Bessonov, N.M. and Korzhenevskii, A.L., 2020. Formation of Regular Layered Structures upon Solid-State Phase Transitions with Varying the Concentration; Physics of the Solid State, 62(8), pp.1398-1406. DOI: 10.1140/epjst/e2019-900139-3
  9. A. A. Chevrychkinaa and A. L. Korzhenevskii, 2020. Control of Impurity Microstructure Formed during a Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in a Diluted Ternary Alloy. Physics of the Solid State, 62(12), pp.2365-2373.DOI: 10.1134/S1063783420120069
  10. Evstifeev, A.D., Volkov, G.A., Chevrychkina, A.A. Petrov, Yu.V. Dynamic Strength Characteristics of Materials: Influence of the Specimen Size on Strain Rate // Tech. Phys. (2019) 64: 523.
  11. Evstifeev, A.D., Volkov, G.A., Chevrychkina, A.A. and Petrov, Y.V., 2019. Strength Performance of 1230 Aluminum Alloy under Tension in the Quasi-Static and Dynamic Ranges of Loading Parameters. Technical Physics, 64(5), pp.620-624.
  12. S.A. Atroshenko, A.A. Chevrychkina, A.D. Evstifeev, G.A. Volkov. (2019) Destruction of ABS Polymer in the Glass State under Dynamic Stressing, //Physics of the Solid States, 61(11), p2075-2082
  13. Chevrychkina, A. A., Bessonov, N. M., Korzhenevskii, A. L. (2019). Conditions of Formation of Doping Superstructures at Phase Transitions. Physics of the Solid State, 61(10), 1860-1866.
  14. A.A. Chevrychkina, N.M. Bessonov, A.L. Korzhenevckii. Nonlinear Dynamics of the Formation of a Periodic Superstructure of Impurity Bands during Rapid Directional Solidification of Binary Alloys, Physics of the Solid State 61(11), 2019, p 2096 – 2103