Alexander A. Utkin, Professor

PositionLeading researcher
Academic DegreePhD, D.Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor
EducationSt.-Petersburg (Leningrad) State University
Mathemaics and Mechanics Faculty
Mathematical Analysis
Research InterestsMathematical methods in physics, exact analytical solutions, asymptotic analysis in dynamic elasticity, spall problem, pulsed strength.
Selected Publications  
  • A.A. Utkin, Yu.V. Petrov, I.V. Smirnov. A.Utkin, Yu.Petrov, I.Smirnov. Structural-Temporal Theory of Spall Fracture. 2016, St.Petersburg, Polytechnica (in Russian) "Polytechnic". 2016. 56 p.
  • Petrov Yu.V., Smirnov V.I., Utkin A.A. Moving an elastic ball and cylinder under non-stationary loading. IPMash RAS SPb: 2003. (in Russian) - 52 p.
  • Petrov Yu.V., Utkin A.A. Stress asymptotics at the crack tip in dynamic problems of elasticity theory. IPMash RAS SPb: 2001. (in Russian) - 40 p.
  • N.A. Kazarinov, Y.V. Petrov, A.A Utkin Fracture delay effect: Analogy between crack initiation due to short pulse loads and mass-spring system failure// International Journal of Impact Engineering 175 (2023) 104513 V. Petrov and A. A. Utkin Instability of critical and geometric characteristics of the fracture zone under spall conditions // Mechanics of Solids, 2020, Vol. 55, No. 3, pp. 324–331.
  • Y.V. Petrov, A.A. Utkin (2017) Structural-temporal approach and geometry of the fracture zone in spalling. Procedia Structural Integrity, 2017, Vol.6, P.134–139
  • Volkov G.A., Petrov Y.V., Utkin A.A. On some principal features of data processing of spall fracture tests Physics of the solid state, 2017, v. 59, No 2. 310-315 DOI: 10.1134/S1063783417020329
  • A.A. Utkin. Effects of spall fracture and structural-time approach. Materials Physics and Mechanics 26 (2016) 97-100.
  • Bratov V., Petrov Y., Utkin A. Transient near tip fields in crack dynamics// SCIENCE CHINA. Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy, 2011. Vol.54 No.7: P.1309–1318.
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  • N. Berezkin, S. I. Krivosheev, Yu. V. Petrov, and A. A. Utkin. Effect of Delayed Crack Nucleation under Threshold Pulse Loading// Doklady Physics, Vol. 45, No. 11, 2000, pp. 617–619.
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