Yuri V. Sudenkov, Professor

Senior research fellow
Academic degree

PhD, D.Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor

St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Research interestsShock-wave process, optoacoustic phenomena, strength and yielding of solids
Selected publications 
  1. Sudenkov Yu.V., Smirnov I.V. Device for laser-acoustic control of solid and liquid media No2732470 C2 Application RU2018143568A 07.12.2018
  2. Sudenkov Yu.V., Smirnov I.V. Device for determining and controlling velocities of surface and longitudinal acoustic waves in materials under quasistatic and cyclic loads № RU 2652520 C1 Application № 2016152459 28.12.2016
  3. Sudenkov Yu.V., Smirnov I.V. Method of pulsed thermoelectric nondestructive testing of thermophysical properties of metals and semiconductors № RU 2665590 C1, Application 2017140822 23.11.2017.
  4. Sudenkov Yu.V., Smirnov I.V., Suslikov A.I. Testing device of constructional materials for dynamic tension № RU 2613618 C1, 21.03.2017. Application № 2015149799 19.11.2015
  1. Sarnatskii V.M., Sud’enkov Y.V. Electromagnetic sound excitation and the optoacoustic effect in magnetostrictive materials // Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics. 2020. Т. 84. № 6. С. 673-677.
  2. Sud'enkov Y.V. Anharmonicity effect on heat release and metals hardening under quasistatic tensile stress // Physics of the Solid State. 2020. Т. 62. № 1. С. 168-173.
  3. Zimin B.A., Sudenkov Y.V. Analysis of the generalized heat equation for solution of the dynamic thermoelasticity problem // Doklady Physics. 2019. Т. 64. № 4. С. 181-184.
  4. Zimin B.A., Sud’enkov Y.V. Heat transfer in the formation of thermoelastic and thermoelectric responses of metals to laser pulse action // Technical Physics. 2019. Т. 64. № 12. С. 1753-1758.
  5. Zimin B.A., Sventitskaya V.E., Smirnov I.V., Sud’enkov Y.V. Influence of strain rate on heat release under quasi-static stretching of metals. Experiment // Physics of the Solid State. 2018. Т. 60. № 4. С. 758-763.
  6. Zimin B.A., Sventitskaya V.E., Sudenkov Y.V. The analysis of the heat transfer effect on the thermoelastic response of metals under pulsed laser impact // Vestnik of the St. Petersburg University: Mathematics. 2018. Т. 51. № 1. С. 95-100.
  7. Smirnov I., Sudenkov Y., Polyakov A. Strength and fracture of ultrafine-grained titanium grade 4 // Procedia Structural Integrity. 2017. С. 196-200.
  8. Atroshenko S., SudEnkov Y., Smirnov I., Morozov N., Zhu S.W. Investigation of the elastoplastic and strength properties of the magnesium alloy az31b under quasi-static and dynamic loading // Procedia Structural Integrity. 2017. С. 259-264.
  9. Atroshenko S.A., Sudienkov Yu.V., Smirnov I.V., Shao W.Z., Morozov N.F. Investigation of the elastoplastic and strength properties of the magnesium alloy az31b under quasistatic and dynamic loading // Mathematical and Computer Simulation in Mechanics of Solids and Structures – MCM 2017. Book of Abstracts. 2017. С. 31-33.
  10. Kazarinov N., Smirnov I., Sudenkov Y., Petrov Y., Slesarenko V. Experimental investigation of dynamic crack propagation in pmma plates // Procedia Structural Integrity. 2017. С. 83-89.
  11. Zimin B.A., Smirnov I.V., Sudenkov Y.V. Behavior of lateral-deformation coefficients during elastoplastic deformation of metals // Doklady Physics. 2017. Т. 62. № 6. С. 306-309.
  12. Sud’enkov Y.V., Sarnatskii V.M., Smirnov I.V. Orientation magnetic phase transition induced by shock loading of the fe–cr–co alloy // Physics of the Solid State. 2017. Т. 59. № 2. С. 287-291.
  13. Sudenkov Y.V., Zimin B.A. Effect of "the thermal piston" in a dynamic thermoelastic problem // International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 2015. Т. 85. С. 781-786.
in total – 170 .