Svetlana A. Atroshenko, Professor

PositionLeading researcher
Academic degreePhD in Mechanical Engineering
Teaching degreeProfessor
EducationLeningrade Politechnic University
Research interestsMaterials' behaviour under high-speed loading: micro mechanisms of dynamical deformation and fracture, dynamical recrystallisation under impact loading, phase and matensite transformations, fracture fractography
Selected publications
  1. S.A. Atroshenko. Martensite transformation in metals induced shock loading. Material Science and Engineering A 378 (2004) 293-298
  2. S.A. Atroshenko. Anomalous diffusion increase in steel under shock loading. J. Phys.IV France 110 (2003)
  3. S.A. Atroshenko. Shock-Induced Dynamic Recystallization in Metals. In: Recrystallization and Grain Growth. Eds. G.Gottstein and D.A.Molodov, Springer-Verlag, 2001
  4. S.A. Atroshenko, S.A. Novikov, N.S. Naumova. Influence of high-velocity impact on metals. International Journal of Impact Engineering, V. 33, Issues 1-12, December 2006, pp. 62-67
  5. J.R. Klepaczko, Yu.V. Petrov, Atroshenko S.A. , P. Chevrier, G.D. Fedorovsky,  S.I. Krivosheev, A.A. Utkin. Behavior of particle-filled polymer composite under static and dynamic loading. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2008, v. 75, N1, pp. 136-152