Individual grants of young scientists of the center

  1. RSCF grant (22-71-10019) "Hybrid numerical approach to solving problems of deformable solid mechanics based on the finite element method and artificial neural networks", head Kazarinov N.A.
  2. RFBR Grant No. 21-51-53008 GFEN, 01.2021-12.2022, "Thermal damage model and forecastof aggregate heat-insulating recycled concrete", head Selyutina N.S.
  3. RSCF Grant No.21-71-00046, 07.2021-06.2023, "Dynamic deformation of heterogeneous materials based on a relaxation model of plasticity", head Selyutina N.S.
  4. Grant of the President of the Russian Federation MK-78.2021.1.1, 01.2021-12.2022, "Analysis of dynamic deformation of aluminum alloys at different temperatures", head Selyutina N.S.
  5. RSCF Grant 20-79-10078 "Influence of ultrasonic field characteristics the conditions of phase equilibrium of continuous media and the intensity of the process of cavitation erosion", head Volkov G.A.
  6. RSCF Grant No.19-71-00093, 07.2019-06.2021, "Temperature-time effects of irreversible deformation of metals", head Selyutina N.S.
  7. RFBR Grant (19-31-60037) "Management of brittle dynamic fracture processes and their optimization to increase the dynamic strength of structures", head Kazarinov N.A.
  8. Grant of the President of the Russian Federation MK-449.2019. 1, 01.2019-12.20, "Plastic deformation of steels under combined loading", head Selyutina N.S.
  9. RSCF Grant (18-71-00107) "Spatial and temporal discreteness as a fundamental feature of the process of dynamic destruction of solids", head Kazarinov N.A.
  10. RSCF Grant No.17-71-10061, 07.2017-06.2019, "Development of a relaxation model of plasticity and its application for choosing the optimal structure of the material", head Selyutina N.S.
  11. RSCF Grant (No. 17-79-10145) "Investigation of the structural and temporal features of the destruction of nanostructured materials under high-speed pulsed impacts", head Evstifeev A.D.
  12. Grant RFBR mol_a_dk (16-31-60047) "Study of the energy characteristics of the process of dynamic crack propagation in brittle materials under various types of loading", head Kazarinov N.A.