The New Book deals with the Fracture of Continuum

The new our book was published in St Petersburg university press.

V.A. Bratov, N.F.Morozov, Yu.V. Petrov.

Dynamic Strength of Continuum. St.-Petersburg University Press. 2009.

This is a monograph in English. There are discussed the modern approaches to problems dealing with fracture and structural transformations of the condensed matter, which are interested for the wide group of scientists. The consistent patterns of continuum fracture are analyzed for both static and intensive dynamic loading. Fractal physics and mechanics questions, kinetics and fracture criteria of condensed matter, incubation processes in different materials during the fracture and structural transitions, cracks theory, energy and optimization of a fracture processes, dynamic yielding and ductile-brittle transition effects, a cavitation in liquids, initialization of a detonation and others questions are reviewed.