The sets for impact load generation using the electrical explosion of conductors

The designed methods of impact load generation allow the performance of dynamic fracture tests with pulse duration from 10-7 to 3x10-6 sec. and pulse amplitude from 10 up to 30 GPa. The methods of increasing impact load intensity allow investigation of the dynamic processes inside the samples in addition to their surface, as the last is typical for spalling research. It is possible to explore dynamic strength without boundary layer influence in this case, since the defective structure of the boundary layer can be substantially different from the one found inside and that can significantly influence the validity of the results.

Laser interferometry and piezo-electric sensors are used for the registration of impact load parameters, with a resolution time of not less than 2-3 nsec., and an imprecision of not more than 1-2%. Microscopial investigation and other methods are applied to explore the material microstructure.